East Indies Banda Fine Spiced Negroni Gin

43.00% ABV
700 ml bottle


700 years ago Marco Polo noted of the East Indies “it is a very rich archipelago producing pepper, nutmegs, galingale, cubebs, and cloves, and all the precious spices that can be found in the world”.

Crafted using the finest handmade Carl stills from Germany, a gin is born on the magical – Island of the Gods, Bali. We search the archipelago for the most aromatic, flavourful and uniquely Indonesian botanicals for our range of truly authentic Distilled Gins. Most of Europe’s fine spices originated from Indonesia, and none was more valuable than mace and nutmeg.

Once only found in Banda Island, this fine spice is used to make a powerful spicy gin specifically designed for negronis. Not for the faint of heart. 


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