The Spice Islands
Raising Indonesian Spirits
The Spice Islands

Our Story

The story of Spice in Indonesia gave rise to the age of exploration. It reached its peak in the 1500s when spice was the mark of an ‘elite’ in Europe and was worth more than gold. During the crusades the Ottoman Empire blocked the silk roads which drove European innovation in ship building, enabling them to circumnavigate Africa and regain access to the bounty of spice that lay beyond.

Indonesia is still the Spice Islands being home to 10% of the world’s plant species, and some of the most exotic and unique spices on Earth, a distillers paradise. Now we are using the same precious spices and botanicals that launched the age of exploration in the past, to spice up our present, and craft our future.

“Indonesia is a very rich archipelago, producing pepper, nutmegs, galingale, cubebs, and cloves, and all the precious spices that can be found in the world.” 

Marco Polo

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The Spice Islands Distilling Co.

Spice Islands Distilling Co. is one of Indonesia’s first true craft distilleries. It differentiates itself from other Indonesian manufacturers of spirits by the authentic way it makes its products. 

At the heart of the distillery is the 550L still is hand made by CARL in Germany. This uncompromised manufacturer of stills brings over 140 years of experience, innovation and state of the art technology to the Spice Island brands.

The Spice Islands distillery is situated in Keramas Beach, Bali, the tropical island known aptly as The Island of the Gods. And will be famous for its uncompromising approach to high quality spirits, made by passionate staff using the best produce and the latest tech in a natural wonderland.

It’s enough to raise anyone’s spirits.

The best produce and the latest tech… it’s enough to raise anyone’s spirits.

A taste of the Spice Islands



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